Send Us Your Save San Onofre Testimonials!

Send Us Your Save San Onofre Testimonials!

With the reboot of the Save San Onofre Campaign underway, we’re reaching out to ask activists, park enthusiasts to create video testimonials expressing your interest in preserving San Onofre State Park. Shoot a quick video with your phone or camera and email it to us! You can also follow our Instagram and Facebook accounts and upload your video testimonials to those accounts.

The public’s commitment to protecting this park is an inspiring story of people coming together and taking a stand in the name of environmental stewardship. In the early days of the campaign, hundreds of activists made video testimonials about their love for San Onofre and their commitment to protect it. In the years since, social media has boomed and created new avenues for communities to come together and stand for what matters.

The Save San Onofre Coalition is comprised of 12 environmental non-profits, which have been fighting for 16 years to keep San Onofre State Park and the San Mateo Watershed free from highway development.  We have continued to stay vigilant and active, winning battles at regional, state, and federal regulatory agencies against proposed road construction projects in this vital and rare open space.

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